Sitting in Sunday school a few weeks back, Dean was teaching on worship and why we worship and what we worship. At one point, the topic of conversation turned to harmony and how we achieve or obtain it with the Father. Dean asked for a few definitions of harmony from the class. A few people threw out their opinions and then one said, “Being one with the Father.”
As a musical person by nature and by calling, harmony is part of what I do. Harmony isn’t being one with the Father. It isn’t sounding just like the Father. It isn’t even sounding like the Father’s people.
Harmony is musically defined as “the simultaneous combination of tones especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear”. Another definition states it as a “pleasing arrangement of parts”. But, the most outstanding word found in the definitions to me was congruity.
I’m not a math whiz, but if I remember correctly, congruent shapes in geometry were extremely similar, even appearing to be the same, but they weren’t. They were congruent. Alike, not identical.
Harmony isn’t being one with the Father. It’s being so like Him that what you do sounds perfect next to what He does.

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