I promise. I see the irony here…

…in the fact that the last time I posted, it was to inform y’all that I deactivated my Facebook.

I was so over the drama within those four edges of my phone screen. Never had I ever witnessed so many adults whining and complaining about things that don’t amount to a hill of beans in the big picture. So, early in May, I clicked that big blue button with excitement! Then, yesterday happened.

I was honored to be in two church services yesterday with some of my favorite people on the planet, and the Sunday evening service’s song service and sermon were all about healing. The Lord began to drop little nuggets of conviction into my spirit throughout the night.

“You see it as complaining and whining. I see it as an overflow of a hurting, broken spirit that desperately needs someone to reach out.”

“You see the bickering and arguing as immaturity and ridiculousness. I see it as an outcry for someone to pay attention to their pain.”

Isn’t it amazing what a shift in perspective can do? Isn’t it amazing how the enemy can rob us of ministry opportunities by fostering the selfish nature within us?

So, yes. I reactivated. I’m back. My flesh wants to delete it again already. I’ve already seen and heard some pretty tough stuff. But, instead, I’ll use it to fuel the fire of ministry within my heart, and hopefully, I can be a blessing to those who are so deeply craving the touch of Master’s strong hand.

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