Last night, as I was praying for my husband …

…before I went to bed, I felt the Lord urging me to do a very odd thing. I kept hearing in my spirit, “Go lay at his feet and pray.” That was really strange to me, so I asked the Lord to repeat Himself, you know…like maybe He changed His mind. There it was again. That prompting to go and lay at my husband’s feet and pray.

So, I did it. I laid on the floor at the end of the footboard on his side of the bed and I prayed. I prayed about the recurring arguments we have. I prayed about the prophetic words and words of healing that my family received this past weekend. I prayed that he would be more understanding and have more patience with me.

And there came the prompting again. This time, it was something along the lines of this: “Quit praying for what you want and pray for what he wants.”

At this point, I was kinda over being told what to do and then it hit me. Like a ton of bricks on the head: I was doing what the Lord asked me to do, but I was using the opportunity for my own gain. I was praying that God would change things in my husband that I don’t like. What I should have been doing was praying that God would get my attention a little more often and teach me when to shut my mouth and listen.

I wasn’t submitting to the authority of the Lord, and because that relationship was out of order, my relationships in the natural were, by very virtue of the law of how life works in the Kingdom, out of order.

I ran across a clipping from a Home Economics book a couple years ago on Facebook. It was getting shared like wildfire and ridiculed mercilessly. You probably know the one I’m referring to; you may have shared it or at least read it and scoffed, thinking life has changed so very much since then. But, as I began to read it, the Holy Spirit was ministering to me in a way that changed my viewpoint of a topic that many deem “icky”: submission. It was beyond recognition as opposed to my former perspective.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to break down this clipping and try my best to relate to you the revelation given to me by the Holy Spirit. He’s a better teacher than I, so, please take what I’m saying in love, chew on it, marinate in it, and if it works for your life, put it into practice. I’m truly preaching to myself with this information, and reproof isn’t easy or fun. But, it certainly makes life easier when you learn how to get right those things you’ve been repeatedly getting wrong for a lifetime.

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