I need to preface these posts by saying two things: 

ONE: I am a stay-at-home mama. While that is, in my humble opinion, the hardest job on the planet, it does have its advantages in certain areas. So, these comments are coming from that perspective. That doesn’t mean that wives that work outside the home can’t take anything from this, but it is probably skewed in a working Mama’s mind.

TWO: When I started fleshing out the jotted notes and thoughts I have on this subject, it really began to get much broader than I originally planned. This may be a lot longer of a “series” than I anticipated.

In 1950, the divorce rate was around 25% in America. What that really means is that far more people were staying married than were getting divorced. Now, a segment of the population that feels that women are the same as men probably blame that on what they perceived as the oppression that men kept women under for millennia.

Please hear my heart. I do believe that there were some men who abused the power society afforded them. They believed women were to be seen and not heard. Women were there as ornaments to make them look good and successful and powerful. There are still men who believe that way, and that truly is oppression, and it’s wrong in every sense of the word.

But, I believe as a society, we have gotten gender identities so skewed from what the Creator intended. Bishop Tony Miller says it best: “If you want to know the purpose of something, ask the One who made it.” There’s no clearer picture of how God intended man and woman than the one of Adam and Eve in the garden before “the fall” – that is, before they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.  

The second chapter of Genesis tells us that God wanted Adam to have a helper. Since Genesis 1:27 already told us that male and female were created and were in Adam, he didn’t have to create Eve. He only had to pull her out of Adam.

Male and female have always been, even before Adam and Eve, and male and female were created in God’s image, so male and female are within God. Being infinite, God had no issue containing all of “male-ness” and “female-ness”. Adam, as a finite being, needed help. The age-old joke is that if God had created Eve first, there would have been no need for Adam. Don’t we women wish we were that good? It’s not possible. God created male and female to have distinct identities, and neither gender could have held it all.

So, he pulled the rib from Adam and shaped it into Eve’s form. He put on her the attributes “corresponding” to Adam’s. He split the characteristics of mankind into two very specific categories. But, just because the categories are specific, doesn’t mean they’re clearly defined. This is where most people who believe as I do have trouble. This is where I have trouble.

How do I reconcile life in the 21st century with life in the 1st?

To be continued…

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