Facebook ain’t always right…

Well, I’m sure you guys know that anybody and everybody can own a Facebook page. And, as such, anybody and everybody can post their opinion. Please understand, I’m very well aware of the irony of this post seeing as how I’m posting my opinion about Facebook on my Facebook.

But, here lately, there’s been a lot circulating regarding God and religion and Christianity, and I have a good friend on the book of faces that tends to have opinions on several of these issues as well.

So, I decided we’d weigh in on these memes and quotes and posts, and we’d give you something to think about.

The first one is below.

You cannot raise your children the way your parents raised you. Because your parents raised you for a world that no longer exists.

3am thoughts

The premise of this seems pretty straightforward. It seems like it makes sense and it certainly sounds good because it takes the pressure off of us as parents to be “as good as our parents were”. For me, I deal with guilt and fear as a parent. These are the two areas that the enemy uses against me the most, so I read this and my flesh immediately thinks, “yes! This is the out I’ve been looking for. I’m not as good of a mother as my mother was, and here’s my scapegoat.” But, then I put my spiritual magnifying glass on this idea, and I see that this is not entirely accurate.

Does the world in which my children live differ greatly from the world in which I grew up? Absolutely.
Does the way my parents raised me look very different from the way I parent? Yeah, some parts of it.
Is that because the world I lived in no longer exists? I don’t think so.

And, neither does my friend Neal Jackson. Here’s what he had to say about it:

It looks good and well thought out on the surface, but to me it implies that principles are fluid and you kind of have to follow the culture in order to know how to raise your children, as if truth evolves. The Bible, and common sense for that matter, confirms that people are given dominion to shape the world, not have the world shape them. If our parents raised us in the admonition of the Lord with integrity and love, then we can by all means raise our children the same way in any generation. It may dress a little differently in 2020, and some details may get tweaked, but the principles of sound teaching remain through the ages.

N. Jackson

He points to a very important concept in his thoughts:

We, as humans, have dominion over every earthly thing. When God created Adam, He told him that whatever he called something, that’s what it would be. He was made in the image of God. He was made to create with his words. This translates to us in present-day life.

Raise your children to believe that God is the creator, Jesus is His son, slain before the foundation of the world for the remission of sins, and the Holy Spirit is our comforter and guide through this life that looks so different from when Adam was walking the earth, when Jesus was walking the earth, when your great-grandparents were walking the earth…but it still belongs to God’s chosen people.

Speak to it, speak to your children, speak over your children. Create the life you want with your words; the life that submits to God’s will. Just because the world you grew up in ceased to exist doesn’t mean the God you were taught to believe in has changed.

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