Here’s another installment of the “Facebook ain’t always right” series from me and Neal Jackson.

When I sent him the graphic for this post, I was imagining a short quote I could post surrounded by how I feel about this one, because I feel quite strongly about it (go figure). But, what he sent was just so doggone good that it really needs no additional commentary. He hit the nail on the head. So, here it goes:

The main problem I have with this one is its intent. Every time I’ve heard it spoken, it’s used as a tool to guilt someone into changing their behavior. Sometimes it’s subjective depending on one’s definition of being treated like garbage (some people think you’re being mean if you don’t agree with them). To me it’s the same as the phrase, “you’re supposed to be a Christian but…” I oppose manipulative statements that produce guilt rather than true repentance.

Biblically speaking you can, in fact, treat people like garbage and still be a worshiper of God. David did it. Paul did for years until God knocked him off of his horse. Peter, the super apostle, did it until Paul checked him on his racism.

All that said, there is a sliver of truth hidden in that meme despite its manipulative tone. A freshwater fountain doesn’t produce salty water. We know the tree by the fruit it bears. What makes the difference is the heart. Those men I listed above, when confronted by God’s Word concerning their behavior, softened their hearts and changed their minds because of their relationship with God.

Now, if I’ve somehow thought way too deep into this one and “worship” in the meme [refers to] standing in the presence of God, hands raised, with music playing, then by all means go for it, no matter how you treat people. I can think of no better place to be transformed than in a mode of worship.

N. Jackson

Mic. Drop.
Thank you very much, Bishop Jackson.

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